Monday, July 13, 2009

Max: A Maximum Ride Novel

Max: A Maximum Ride Novel by James Patterson

Release Date: March 16th, 2009
Publisher: Little Brown
Age Group: Young Adult
Pages: 320

Maximum Ride and the other members of the Flock have barely recovered from their last arctic adventure, when they are confronted by the most frightening catastrophe yet. Millions of fish are dying off the coast of Hawaii and someone-or something--is destroying hundreds of ships. Unable to discover the cause, the government enlists the Flock to help them get to the bottom of the disaster before it is too late.

While Max and her team are exploring the depths of the ocean, their every move is being carefully tracked by Mr. Chu--a criminal mastermind with his own plans for the Flock. Can they protect themselves from Mr. Chu's army of mercenaries and save the ocean from utter destruction?
After reading the Final Warning, I was slightly against reading this book. I did not want to be disappointed yet again in a story I had grown to love.

This book wasn’t as bad as the last one, but not as good as the first three. The plot was a little more defined and back toward what the first ones were about. It still had the environment concern in the story but not as deeply as The Final Warning. However, it just wasn’t a great book.

I feel as if James Patterson is just squeezing the Max story to get every penny out of it. I might read the next one, but I might not. I guess it depends on my reading list when it comes out.





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Taschima Cullen said...

See? But it was slightly better than Final Warning at least :S

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