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Prophecy of the Sisters

Prophecy of the Sisters by Michelle Zink

Release Date: August 1st, 2009
Publisher: Little, Brown Young Readers
Age Group: Young Adult
Pages: 352

Without the Keys, something terrible will happen. 
Something that cannot be undone.
And with them, I might bring an end to the riddle of the Prophecy and my strange part in it.

If Alice and I are on conflicting sides of the Prophecy, 
the Keys would be dangerous in her hands.
Which means I have to find them.
And I have to do it before my sister.

Sixteen year-old Lia Milthorpe has just recently lost her father, leaving her parentless. But when a strange mark appears on her wrist, she realizes she is being branded with much more than her newfound title of orphan. Lia and her twin sister Alice are part of an ancient prophecy that has turned generations of sisters against each other. 

Lia hides this discovery from Alice and even from her beloved James, but to escape from the burden this secret bestows she must end the prophecy-before her sister. Only then will she understand the mysterious circumstances of her parents' deaths, the true meaning of the mark on her wrist, the lengths to which her sister will go to defeat her, and the impact the resolution of the prophecy could have. 

This was Michelle’s debut novel, and I have to say that I really liked it. I was a little unsure when I started reading, because I usually don’t like books set in the early 1900’s or earlier, and yet the prophecy idea drew me in and I’m glad it did. There was much more paranormal to it than I expected. Filled with demons, traveling plans and spells, Prophecy was a good read.

The characters were pretty original. You have Lia, the main character, who is trying to find her place in this prophecy. She isn’t sure whether she is drawn to good or evil, and continues to fight for the one she wants, not willing to give in so easily. She is steadfast, determined and brave. In comparison, is her twin sister Alice. Alice has obviously picked a side and refuses to try to fight for the other. She prefers the simple life promised her without wanting to fight for it. However, she also shows compassion, not wanting her sister to be harmed in anyway, and constantly tries to make this happen by trying to persuade Lia.

The writing style was very unique and yet familiar. I heard someone compare it to the writing style of Jane Austen or Emily Bronte. There is a haunting, gothic feel to the writing, making you feel like you are reading about the moors of Wuthering Heights. It was fun to read a modern-style to such classics.

Overall the book was a quick, intriguing read. It had the paranormal aspect that I tend to look for and even a bit of romance. I can’t wait to read the sequel.

Who Might Like This Book:
Mythology Lovers
Paranormal Gothic-Style Lovers






Casey said...

I have this book sitting on my shelf, waiting to be read. Sounds really good. Great review, glad you enjoyed the book.

PolishOutlander said...

Wow, great review. I love these gothic tales.
P.S. Your blog rocks! Check it out:

Rachel said...

I have this on my dresser and ever were I look people are putting good reviews on this book so I'm going to have to read it soon.

Michelle Zink said...

I am SO behind on emails, review comments... all of it!

But thank you so much for this lovely review. I'm so glad you enjoyed the book!

“Anyone who says they have only one life to live must not know how to read a book." ~ Author Unknown


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